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Innheimtustofnun sveitarfélaga (Child Support Collection Centre) is the institution dealing with collecting child support payments for the communities in Iceland. The institution can request enforcement of support payments in many countries all over the world, in cooperation with states and local law firms, if the deptor is not resident in Iceland.

Respite – postponed payment. 
If you find you are unable to pay the decided reimbursement amount, or you incurred a debt, you can apply for a respite or a payment plan. This means that you will be able to defer full payment, either partially or fully, for a certain period of time. If you are granted a respite in combination with a partial payments plan, you will be expected to make payments as planned in order to continue qualifying for the respite. The matter may otherwise be referred to the enforcement service for recovery of the debt. Respites may be granted in the event of financial difficulties of a temporary nature or for personal reasons, e.g. severe illness.You will be liable to pay interest on any debt you may incur in consequence of a respite. If you are granted a respite, the limitation period of your debt may be extended. To apply for a respite or a payment plan, you must submit a written application to the Innheimtustofnun, its board, providing certified particulars of your financial situation, the latest tax return, confirmation, e.g. a medical certificate, must also be provided for any personal reasons to which you wish to refer.

Innheimtustofnun may in extraordinary cases decide to waive debts partially/totally for the reimbursement amount. This is known as an exemption. When an applicant that has been granted this type of a contract, and has fulfilled the contract for at least three years, then he has earned the right to apply for exemption. You must yourself be able to provide confirmation that you have extraordinary reasons for seeking this type of a payment plan/contract. The application shall be addressed to the Board of the Innheimtustofnun, providing enclosed the latest tax return and other relevant documents.


General Information
Our work is subject to Icelandic legislation, mainly the Children’s Act nr. 76/2003, the Child Support Collection Centre Act nr. 54/1971 and regulations nr. 491/1996, the Social Security Act nr. 117/1993, and international conventions and agreements.

The Children´s Act (Barnalögin Pub.L.No. 76/2003) states that all parents are liable to provide for their children according to their means. Parents not living with their children shall therefore pay child support. The parents share joint responsibility for their children even though the children may be living in another country.

The following information is mainly meant for non custodial parents who are paying child support in Iceland.

In Iceland, child support is established by either an agreement between the parents or a resolution from the magistrate. An agreement concerning support payments for a child is only valid if confirmed by a magistrate.

Tryggingastofnun (The State Social Security Institution) shall pay support (child support) according to a confirmed agreement to the parent of a child entitled to support. A parent’s claim to Tryggingastofnun shall be accompanied by a child support agreement confirmed by a magistrate. When Tryggingastofnun grants support to the custodial parent, it also establishes the same amount of money that the non custodial parent shall pay to the Innheimtustofnun sveitarfélaga, a reimbursement amount. Support payments shall be determined with regard to the child’s needs and the economic and other status of both parents, including their earning ability. A child support order may never acquire payment of a lower amount than corresponding to child support as determined at any particular time in accordance with the Social Security Act.

Child support shall be paid monthly in advance unless another arrangement is legally determined.

Child support - amount 
Child support, the monthly payment per child, according to the Social Security Act nr 100/2007 is from January 1st 2022, ISK. 38.540-. Additionally to the monthly normal amount, there can also be extra payments in connection with confirmation, a child’s baptism and in other extraordinary reasons.

Educational contribution 
If the child continues its education past the age of 18, the liability may be extended until the age of 20. The monthly amount remains the same.

Recovery of child support abroad
You are always liable to support for your children, regardless of where you are living. Your nationality has no effect on your support liability
If you fail to pay your case will be referred to the executive enforcement authorities or a law office in your country, which may garnish your wages and/or seize your property in order to pay off your debt.
The Child Support Collection Centre is the Icelandic authority empowered to enforce child support payments in other countries. Enforcement is carried out pursuant to the terms of the various conventions and agreements entered into by the countries in question. Assistance in recovering the debt is rendered by the appropriate authority in the other country or a local law office.

If you want to know more
This page provides basic information and should not be regarded as an authoritative legal text. More detailed information can be obtained from the following sources:

Tryggingastofnun ríkisins
(The State Social Security Institution)
Hlíðarsmári 11
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Tel: (+354) 560 4400

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(The Ministry of Transport and Local Government)
Sölvhólsgötu 7
101 Reykjavík
Tel: (+354) 545 8200

Sýslumaðurinn á höfuðborgarsvæðinu
(Magistrate in Reykjavík)
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